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One of the critical elements in the SATPAC Program is having lots and lots of repetitions. While this may seem tedious, it is so important for changing the incorrect motor pattern of our students’ speech to a correct one. Think of how many times they have said their error sound incorrectly in their lives and we have to change all of that.

What made me think of this is a significant event that is happening in my life. My wife and I are watching our 9-month old granddaughter Abby during the workday Monday through Friday. (And my wife does it all on Tuesday and Wednesday when I’m at work). Watching Abby develop is really fascinating and it makes me wonder why I wasn’t paying attention to this when my infant kids were growing up (perhaps fatigue?). Anyway, as she is learning to crawl, walk, eat with a spoon, speak, etc., I see her doing the same movements over and over. Many things she figures out by herself like crawling but other things we reinforce. Using a spoon, for example, I will guide her hand into her mouth holding the spoon in a horizontal position. When she says “Da”, we repeat it and show her by our enthusiasm that what she said was a good thing. And we do that over and over as she does it over and over.

I’m not asking her to say “Da” 100 times counting on a tally counter like I do with my students (more typically BEETSEET or EERGA) but it is kind of the same idea!

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