Ordering SATPAC products online is safe, secure, and only takes a few short minutes. In addition to providing you a convenient means of ordering any one of the SATPAC product offerings or upgrades, purchasing SATPAC online allows you instant access so you can get started right away!  PLEASE BE SURE TO INCLUDE THE EMAIL ADDRESS OF THE SLP ORDERING THE PROGRAM (THE PROGRAM IS SENT BY EMAIL).

Orders may also be placed by phone or postal mail. We accept personal mail-in orders as well as purchase orders.  The purchase price has been reduced in half due to the pandemic to $100 per license.

6 Hour Webinar Included
Customizable Phones
Procedure Checklist
Facilitating Contexts
Seed Word Suggestions
Customizable List of Inappropriate Words
Post Vocalic /R/ Processing
Transfer Phase Lists
Phonological Processes Contrasting Sentences
Mac and Windows Compatible
CVCV Supplement
Client Profiles
Automatic Updates
3-Element Cluster Tool
Improved Error Handling
New Seed Word Dynamics
Quick Seed Word Selection Menu
E-mail Notification
No Installation


** customers who have purchased any previous version of SATPAC are eligible to purchase at a discounted price

Answers to questions about security and financial protection when purchasing SATPAC online