Licensing SATPAC Speech Software

Each license entitles a single user to login to iSATPAC from any computer connected to the Internet. A user is not permitted to share access to iSATPAC with others.


Licensed users are entitled to install and use SATPAC on any computer to be used by the user alone. Using SATPAC on more than one computer at the same time is not permitted. A license is required for each user.


Licensing Policy
A single SATPAC user license is granted to each single purchase. This means that only one user license is issued per unit purchased. Each license entitles the user to use the SATPAC program on a single computer at a time. For SATPAC products that require installation, SATPAC may be installed on as many computers as the licensed user uses; however, this provision is intended for users that work from multiple locations and only permits one instance of the SATPAC program to be in operation at a time. If more than one computer will be using SATPAC at a time, then the corresponding number of licenses must be purchased.


There is no limit to the number of students that one licensed unit may serve.


If you have any questions regarding licensing, please contact us.