Upcoming Fall Workshops and ASHA

August 16, 2017 12:00 pm Published by

I just scheduled my workshops for the fall. After listening to feedback about my previous workshops, I decided to do a little bit of revamping. So instead of presenting almost exclusively /r/ and /s/ information, it is now Remediating the 7 Most Common Error Sounds Using the SATPAC Approach. The emphasis is still on /r/ and /s/, but I’ve found over the years some good success with other sounds too and now will present that information.

My schedule will be Kansas City-October 12, St. Louis-October 13, Chicago-October 26, Minneapolis- October 27, Elk Grove, CA -November 2 and San Jose-November 3. See https://satpac.com/sacks-workshops/ for the specifics.

I was excited to find out that both my submissions to ASHA were accepted! One will be a poster session (along with Peter Flipsen, Jr.) on an /r/ study that we did and the other is a one-hour talk about using SATPAC with highly unintelligible middle school kids.

Stephen Sacks

Because I want SLPs from all over to use and understand my program, I have a .6 CEU ASHA webinar that is basically the same as my live presentations. Go to the SATPAC website for details. Here is the link: https://satpac.com/workshops/webinar

Looking for professional development for your school district or organization? Contact me steve@satpac.com for details.