Free /s/ and /r/ Webinar Update

September 23, 2021 12:00 am Published by

I was overwhelmed by the large response I received asking to participate in my live webinar! For that reason, I decided to offer many opportunities to participate. I will offer live webinars on Oct. 6, 7, 11, 20, 22, Nov. 2 and Jan. 3.

Here is some general information:

Free Webinar-Using the SATPAC Program and Approach to Remediate the /s/ and /r/ Sounds.

Stephen Sacks will present this webinar showing an effective and efficient way to systematically remediate these sounds. Six peer-reviewed studies have shown the effectiveness of the SATPAC Program and Approach with most students averaging around 5 hours of direct therapy to be remediated.

Webinars will be limited to 500 participants. Register here:

All times listed are Pacific. SATPAC Speech is an ASHA CEU provider.

Contact if your larger district (at least 100 participants) is interested in having a private webinar on a date that works for you. I could also do a 6 hour webinar if preferred.

Stephen Sacks

(Note: If you took the 6-hour webinar “The SATPAC Approach: An Effective and Efficient Way to Remediate Speech Sound Disorders (ABAE 2060 or 2061)”, or the 3-hour webinar “/r/ and /s/ Remediation Using the SATPAC Approach” (ABAE 1551 or 1661) you would not be eligible for this free webinar unless you are in a different CEU reporting period.)

The picture is my granddaughter Abby at 2 1/2.