SATPAC for $20 (Annual Subscription)

Here is my story:

In the mid-1990s, I was sitting in my speech room after a day of therapy. I thought to myself that as a profession, we are really missing great opportunities in terms of remediating speech sound disorders. I realized as the Articulation Mentor for my district, that our ultimate goal for our students is conversational competence. But most of what I was seeing was SLPs using single word picture cards with target sounds on them with no apparent rhyme or reason in their presentation to the students. I also noticed that in almost every case, the practice was much slower than normal conversation. After that day, I vowed that I would try to improve the way we, as a profession, remediate speech sound disorders by developing a very systematic program that incorporated the elements of conversational speech (i.e., coarticulation, normal rate and natural prosody) along with some best practices (facilitating contexts, nonwords, and lots and lots of repetitions to develop correct motor patterns).  

Shortly thereafter, I developed the SATPAC Program and spent close to 7 years refining it to ensure its viability for use by SLPs. After commercially releasing SATPAC, I took to the road and presented workshops and spoke at various conferences and conventions, a practice I continue to this day. 

Since 2013, my colleague Peter Flipsen, Jr. and I have 5 peer-reviewed studies showing that in many cases (particularly with the /r/ and /s/ sounds), remediation can occur in around 5 hours of therapy using this very systematic approach.

Despite the success of the program with students, I haven’t achieved my ultimate goal. In a profession with over 150,000 SLPs, only a few thousand are SATPAC users. However, the overwhelmingly positive response from SATPAC owners and unsolicited emails about what a terrific program SATPAC is has strengthened my resolve.

I now realize that the price of the program has been an obstacle at $199, and even currently at $100—which was my response to the pandemic—it is still too expensive for many SLPs.

In response to this realization, I decided that SATPAC will now be available for the subscription price of $20 annually. Since my goal is to change the way we as a profession remediate speech sound disorders, I am optimistic that this will get the program into widespread use. I’m confident SLPs will experience the beauty and power of the program, as well as the success that I have had these past 26 years. And I need your help! Please share this information with your colleagues and SLP Coordinators.

If you already own the program, nothing has changed. This subscription price is for new SATPAC users. And I will continue to sell the program at the pandemic level of half-price or $100 permanently for those who want to purchase. Either way, you will receive a free 6-hour ASHA CEU webinar that includes the SATPAC approach, rationale for using it and how to navigate through the program so you understand how to use this powerful tool.

To purchase a subscription or to purchase SATPAC, go to  or contact me if you have any questions.

Stephen Sacks