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Welcome to 2021! I hope you stay healthy and we will be able to start resuming more of a normal life in the near future. (Here is my granddaughter Abby at 20 months).

One of the first major workshops I presented well over 10 years ago was in South Dakota. One of the participants has kept in touch over the years and recently showed me a system that she had developed. It is called ArticClick and is on the Teachers pay Teachers website:

Over the years as I’ve done workshops on my SATPAC Program and approach, I’ve gotten feedback after the workshops how attendees have creatively customized the program to be more effective with their students. One email I will never forget was from a very creative SLP who was involved in drama. He took the nonwords from the SATPAC Practice Phase lists and created a Stars Wars type play with planets, universes, starships, names, etc. all utilizing words like BEETSEET, MITSEET and BEETSID. I could imagine the students saying things like “Captain BEETSEET, the CHATSEETS from planet BEETSAICH are attacking!

I have always said in my workshops that the SATPAC program is just another tool in your toolkit (although a very powerful one!) and to make it your own. So getting back to ArticClick, I can see the beauty of this program to improve self-monitoring which leads to faster and more consistent generalization to conversational speech. I was also stunned by how inexpensive it is. Here is a visual and description from the creator Kandice Hoffman:

Artic Click Bundle Advertizement

Are you striving to get your speech students to transfer correct production into conversational speech? Carry-over takes time and training. ArticClick helps you teach the skill of self-monitoring, an essential step in carryover.

ArticClick was designed to work one on one, in small groups or as homework. We talk about the importance of speech homework; this was to help fill the gap!

ArticClick targets the sounds /k, g, f, v, dz, ch, sh, l, r, s, z/ and /l, r, s blends/; these can be purchased in packs (like /k, g/) or all the sounds in one bundle.

A progress tracker is also included for those students motivated by a visual progression through each level.

Anyway, check it out and let me know if you find this helpful because I’m certain it is!

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