Free 3-Hour Online Course for ASHA CEUs


Welcome to the new improved version of this 3-hour presentation (which is available for .3 ASHA CEUs).

The handout, quiz, quiz answer form and the ASHA Participant form are available at this link:

Some general notes:  The recording begins discussing some oral-motor principles which relate to remediation of speech sounds so it is relevant to /r/ and /s/ remediation.  You will also notice that I have a voice disorder.  In the early 1970s, I developed Abductory Spasmodic Dysphonia and more recently I have developed vocal tremor.  However, if you pay attention to the content and not my voice, this should be really helpful information in helping you to remediate the /r/ and /s/ sounds.  At the end of the presentation, there is a 20-question quiz.  You need 80% (or 16/20 to pass).  If you don’t pass, I will contact you and notify you of which questions you missed and give you the opportunity to correct them.  My purpose is not to flunk you but to have you learn the material so watch the presentation, enjoy it and learn some new ideas and techniques!

Please scan the answer sheet, ASHA CEU Form (if you want ASHA CEUs) and email them to me at  I will submit them for you at the end of the month).

If you plan to take any more free CEU courses from SATPAC Speech other than Part 2-Using the SATPAC Program and Approach to Remediate Other Sounds, please contact me first,